Activities in Morocco

Morocco is worth traveling to – not only for surfers! It’s worth it to go just to see the great landscapes of the back-country and the fascinating royal cities – both popular destinations that merit a look if you have some spare time to travel.

What we have compiled here is only a small selection of what you can do. Depending on how much time you’re planning on spending in Morocco you can combine a number of these activities in a round-trip. Our team in Morocco can give you a lot of tips and help you further plan and organize your travels.

HERE you will find a good OVERVIEW of the tips mentioned and further useful knowledge about Morocco.


Agadir is a modern city and easily reached with a line-bus that leaves almost hourly in Taghazout. Here you can do practical things, like withdrawing or exchanging money, and you can do even more things to have fun. We recommend heading to the big Soukh (a roofed market-area) to experience its overflowing offer of spices, clothes, handicrafts, vegetables, fruits, shoes, blankets, jewelry, olives, cakes, furniture, and truly anything you could ever need.


Aourir is the neighboring village of Taghazout and can also be easily reached by bus or cab. Here as well, you can find an ATM. Every Wednesday a bustling, open market Is held Aourir where you can buy anything you might need for daily life. You are greeted by mountains of fruits and vegetables, spices, olives, rugs, teapots, blankets, and jewelry. This market is an integral part of the life of the local communities and attracts visitors and merchants from all the surrounding, remote villages who come here to do their weekly shopping.

Paradise Valley and Immouzzere Waterfalls

Paradise Valley and the Waterfall of Immouzzere: This trip is easily organized with a rental car or a taxi. Behind Aourir, a path leads into a long valley, dotted with strange cliff formations and trees that line a small river. This river runs into a naturally-formed basin, which is ideally suited for bathing, both in the water and in the sun. Those who traverse the entire valley will find the Waterfall of Immouzzere, and those who are especially daring can jump down into the beautiful, green basin – but watch out: this water is only rarely hit by sunlight so its temperature is correspondingly low.


Many airlines fly to Marrakesh, which provides the perfect opportunity to plan in 2-3 days to explore this vivacious metropolis. The new highway has reduced the travel time between Taghazout and Marrakesh to 3 hours, and the Supratours bus to Agadir leaves every two hours (and vice versa). In the medina, you will find charming Riads and inns where you can spend a night for very little money. There, you are also in direct proximity of the Djemaa el Fna, the central marketplace of Marrakesh, where vendor-stands, snake-charmers, and story-tellers provide a spectacle to see, well into the night. If you are staying longer, you should definitely check out the beautiful and famous blue garden, the Jardin Majorelle.


Essaouira is located about 140 km North of Taghazout and can be reached comfortably with a rental car or a line-bus. The young Rolling Stones already vacationed here and obviously understood its charm. This hamlet by the ocean is characterized by its interesting architecture and its number of handicraft shops in the small medina. Thanks to the strong winds it receives, Essaouira is very popular amongst wind-surfers.

Other sights worth seeing

There are many other interesting places to see in Morocco, for which you can plan in 1 to 2 days.

Taroudant is one of Morocco’s oldest cities, located in the fertile Souss-plain. Here, citrus fruits, bananas, and a variety of vegetables are grown and harvested. The city is completely surrounded by an intact, ancient rampart.

Quarzazate, the gate to the desert, is known as a “film town”, and served as location for movies such as “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Babel”.

The Desert: If you’re looking for a very special kind of adventure, then surely a desert-trip on camel-back would be interesting. You can start from Guelmim, for example, where there is also a big camel market with the town’s famous “Blue Men”.

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