Who of us Surfer girls hasn’t experienced it: It’s July, outside temperature 32 degrees, water temperature 25, waves just like Bali – hey, maybe you’re in Bali.
“Yes! Finally, I can surf in my bikini! …No wait, never mind.”
Every time I tried that, I might as well have gone out without wearing anything. No wave, whether I paddled in it, dove through it, or was washed out by it, allowed me the courtesy of resurfacing with all my crucial parts covered.

“This nightmare too, shall have an end!”, the Australian company Hive Swimwear said to itself one day, and went on to create a slip-resistant bikini that sticks. Their swimwear collection is designed for any and all water-sports and looks great to boot. And Ladies listen up! This year you might find some of that collection in our very own Villa-Chilla in Seignosse!

That’s right, you can buy it right here. If the size or model you’re looking for isn’t available, we can order it for you.
I’m saying good-bye to feeling-underwater-if-everything-is-still-in-place and you can too!

Your Sarah