The German language is known for its ability to create compound words that encapsulate a very specific meaning. Take for example the word wellenverliebt. It combines the noun “wave” – Welle – with the adjective verliebt, to be in love, thus creating the meaning “to be in love with waves”, or to put it more simply: a wave-lover!

Wave-lover is a descriptor that probably applies to all our guests – seeing that they choose to spend their vacations chilling and surfing with us as the Maranga Surfvilla – but it applies especially to Manuel and Kristin from Munich, who arrived today to stay with us for a 3rd time.
These two like a board under their feet at all times: for the most part Manuel and Kristin are“schneeverliebt” or “snow-lovers”. Both are passionate snow-boarders that would usually spend every free minute up in the mountains, but ever since their first surf vacation they’ve also become wellenverliebt – at least in the summer.

Born from this new love is their label “wellenverliebt” which boasts a choice collection of tops, t-shirts, and hoodies for men and women. Each design is lovingly screen-printed by hand onto the garments, which were also chosen with care in regards to sustainability. The t-shirts are mostly made out of organic cotton and sourced exclusively from companies that adhere to Fairtrade standards.
This year again we have received a sample from the latest collection. Thank you, Kristin and Manuel! We hope you have a glorious winter season, full of sun and fresh powder snow, and maybe we’ll see you again in the line-up next summer, as in love with waves as ever!