JordySmith (320x213)QuikPRO_Blog2Just as we were beginning to catch our breath after the exciting Lower Trestles finale between Jordy Smith and John John Florence, the preparations for the QUIKPRO in Hossegor were already in full swing.
The incredible images of gigantic barrels from the ASP stop in Tahiti are still fresh on our minds and we’re still reeling from the many late nights we spent, watching with jaws dropped and goosebumps, as Kelly and Co. racked up scores in the 9s one after another.
The last event in California just came to a close, but in a few days’ time the ROXY and QUIKSILVER PRO will already be kicking off here in Hossegor.
In the meantime we’re going to get in the spirit of things by re-watching our favorite moments from 2012 and 2013 and praying that the waves and weather align to deliver us that usual dynamite atmosphere on the beach. We’re pretty sure we’re going to start seeing some pros in the line-up very soon, and starting Thursday we’ll hopefully be saying: IT’S ON!!!!!!!! And VIllA-CHILLA will be there, live…

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