Hello, I’d like to briefly introduce myself! My name’s Philipp and I’m from Upper Austria, a place called Weyregg am Attersee to be precise. I’m 19 years old and a high school student, I will be getting my Matura this year (that’s the name of the Austrian high school diploma). The reason I’m writing this, is because I want to share my travel experiences with you all, as I journey to the Maranga Surfhouse in Taghazout, Morocco. This little adventure all started with the simple idea, that it’d be great to get away for a bit, just to see something new.

At the beginning my girlfriend Theresa and I were joking about how funny it’d be if we spent Christmas break in some ridiculously sunny place, but that joke quickly turned into reality, as we found ourselves booking tickets into warm Africa. We’d be leaving on the 25th of December and returning January 1st. The ticket prices left us with no complaints – it’s pretty easy to find nice deals around Christmas and New Year’s.

After an impatient wait that seemed to drag on forever, things finally kicked off on the 24th. Somehow, we managed to cram all of our baggage into two backpacks, which meant we would only have carry-on luggage on the plane, and we wouldn’t have to lug any suitcases: a win-win situation. We got on a train to Vienna the morning of the 24th because the journey takes about 3 hours and there’s basically no trains running the morning of the 25th.

I won’t lie, it did feel a bit strange to just leave on Christmas, but the thought of the up-coming sun, ocean, and waves quickly dispelled any doubts I had. When we arrived in Vienna we still had some time to walk around, so we went to the Mariahilferstraße, a famous shopping avenue, to watch the last-minute Christmas shoppers hustle and bustle about. At that moment, we were quite content to be avoiding that situation this year. We replenished our strength with a quick meal and went to our hostel, which was only about a 15-minute walk away. That evening we ventured out again for a longer walk through Vienna. Past the famous Heldenplatz and the museums we managed to find a restaurant that was still open on Christmas eve. We had exotic wraps and cocktails, an unusual but satisfying Christmas meal, and then headed straight back to get into bed: we had to be at the airport the next morning!

The morning of the 25th began very early indeed. Shortly before 5 we set off on foot for the Westbahnhof, where we got the first bus headed to the airport. As we were walking that morning, with cold rain on our faces, we really couldn’t wait to land in Morocco and feel the sun on our skin. And so, we arrived at the airport at about 6 o’clock, full of excitement and anticipation. There was still plenty of time until the flight’s departure, but we had wanted to do everything right our first time flying away alone. After a quick breakfast at the airport we punctually took our seats on the plane. During the flight the sky changed from Europe’s dark grey to a magnificent bright blue. The flight time was 4 hours, but because we were flying into the next time zone we had to set our clocks back an hour, so technically we arrived in Marrakesh only 3 hours later.

In the next blog post you can read about how our journey continued in Marrakesh!
See you soon,
Your, Philipp