2nd day of surfing:

Right after getting up the next morning we headed to Banana Village. The village gets its name from its huge Banana plantations, where the fruits that you buy in your supermarket grow. They taste better freshly picked in Morocco, of course. Our destination was the surfspot “La Douze”, the name of which derives from the 12 kilometers that it’s away from the beaches of Agadir. Naturally everybody came along, so Lando, Artti, Helli, Manuela, Flo, Katrin, Lasse, and Andreas. Before surfing we had breakfast in a bakery just outside of Banana Village. Lando knows where to find all the best specialties. There’s nothing better than having an avocado-milkshake with dates before surfing.
We had the beach of La Douze entirely to ourselves. You sit in clear water on your board and surf until your arms hurt from paddling. Once you’ve eventually had enough you can sit down on one of the driftwood logs on the beach and stare out at the sea. Late that evening it was time for everyone to climb back onto Lando’s bus and to head back to the surfhouse.

That evening Lando showed us another one of his insider tips. At a butcher’s shop on the side of the road you buy all the meat you want by type and weight. Next door, this meat is grilled for next to nothing. Then, your grilled delicacy in hand, you sit down at a table in a little restaurant, which is, again, next door. There, you order drinks and bread and enjoy the sumptuous, freshly prepared Moroccan meal. It was easy to see the delight on Lasse’s, Lando’s, and Theresa’s faces.

Stay tuned!
Your, Philipp