3rd day of surfing:
The morning of the 28th I went to have breakfast with Theresa on the sunny terrace of Café Florida, which is located just across the street from the Surfhouse. For 25 DH (about 2,50€) you get a freshly-pressed orange juice, coffee, baguette with jam and honey, and an omelet.

For this day’s surfing, we headed to Tamri again. All of us shared two taxis, which made it fairly cheap for each individual. The boards are secured by the driver to the taxi’s roof with tension belts. This keeps the boards safely in place, even in the event of a sudden stop because a camel herd is passing.
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We surfed for another whole day, laid on the beach, played bonanza, and ate delicious fruit. Of course, we had to have some of the delicious pastries and nuts, which are sold directly on the beach. Towards the evening, we got back in a cab and returned to our rooftop terrace, just in time to catch a beautiful sunset.
Later, I went on a walk with Therese along the street lantern-lit streets of Taghazout. The surf-shops and roadside merchants are open until late at night. After an excellent dinner in one of the small restaurants, with avocado-salad and tagine, we all sat down together on the rooftop terrace with a few glasses of wine.
The next two days will be the best in Tamri.

See you soon,
Your, Philipp