4th and 5th days of surfing:

Woken by the call of the muezzin who recites the Muslim creed every morning, the next day began with a bombastic breakfast prepared by Artti. Next, we piled back into our taxis and headed to Tamri. The waves were a bit bigger today, so once again we spent the whole day in the water. I only once took to the beach to rest a bit and in that moment a street merchant spoke to me so convincingly that I just had to buy a pair of pants off him. After a bit of bartering, which the Moroccans seem to consider like something of a pastime, the pants weren’t that expensive and fit Theresa quite well. It was also interesting to watch the Berbers on their donkeys pass between the surfers by the beach: two cultures which couldn’t seem more different. 15
On the way home, we bought a bunch of fresh mussels. These are sold everywhere on the roadsides between Tamri and Taghazout. With these fresh ingredients Artti prepared a delicious dinner of spaghetti with seafood.

Still buoyed by the previous day’s surfing successes, on the 30th we once again headed to Tamri. We quickly waxed our boards, bought some food at Achmet’s, and got back in a cab to not miss a minute of surfing. The waves were just as good as the day before, which I had to take advantage of as much as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of people had that same idea and so it got a bit crowded in the line-up. If you just walk along the beach of Tamri for a bit however, it’s easy to find a sandbank with good waves and enough space.
That evening Theresa and I got to see how a huge tagine is made for everyone and, of course, helped out a bit. In the middle of a large earthen bowl you first place chicken or beef. Around this you place layers of potato and vegetables, like carrots, onions, and zucchini. For a vegetarian tagine, you simply leave out the meat. Then, all of it is spiced with salt, pepper, and that Moroccan favorite – cumin. As side dishes, we had an exotic salad with olives and pineapple made by Artti and a whole bunch of flatbread, for those who wanted to enjoy this meal the traditional way.
With full stomachs, we headed off to bed after a few glasses of wine or Moroccan tea, which we consumed while listening to Artti’s amazing playlists.
Tomorrow will already be our last day in Taghazout.

Signing off,
Your, Philipp

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