There’s a near endless list of things to do around Anchor Point and Devils Rock and we will present some of them to you!

Today: A trip to the flea market in Agadir.

We made the best of one of those rare flat-sea days, by combining the useful with the amusing and taking a trip to the flea market of Agadir.

Here’s what we have to report: Beyond its beaches and the usual tourist attractions, Agadir offers the possibility to come into contact with the traditional Moroccan world. Not far from the city center, accessible by a short and inexpensive bus ride, on 6 days of the week you will find a market that is frequented by the locals: the Soukh.

In an area that measures about 120 square meters you can buy anything and everything that your heart (and stomach) might desire. From Friday to Sunday night, this market is extended by a flea market that snakes its way through all the surrounding streets and alleys – and it’s a thing that merits a visit all on its own. Here, tourists are nothing more than peripheral phenomenon.

Imagine a Western European flea-market, now multiply the array of goods on sale, and picture yourself in the middle of a bustle that leaves your mouth hanging open in amazement. The list of things you CAN’T buy here is a lot shorter than of what you can buy. Colorful spices, clothes of all cuts and styles, tools and electronics, jewelry, bicycles and motorized vehicles – whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here. And the prices? Well, that depends on your bartering skills. If you’re really out for a deal we recommend going right before sundown – prices go down the closer it gets to closing time.

If you find yourself needing a break from all the hustle and bustle you should definitely check out some of the street restaurant where locals prepare their hometown dishes in mobile kitchens. You can enjoy one-of-a-kind soups, like the traditional Harira, filled breads, sweets, and the obligatory Moroccan tea (Whisky marocain). For only about 2 euros you will get a full meal and have some interesting conversations in however many languages it takes, as the muezzin calls for prayer in the neighboring mosque.

And by the way: the Swell is back by the way, and we already caught a bunch of great waves in Anza and Tamri. Come and join us!