Yoga and Surfing

We are so happy to be able to offer the perfect balance to surfing for most of the summer this year: we have tons of YOGA planned for you!

Why is yoga the perfect complement to surfing? In several Asanas (yoga movements), for example “the upward-facing dog”, you train the same muscle groups that are necessary on the surfboard to perform a powerful take-off. Exercises like the “warrior positions” are similar to the stance you take on the board and can help improve your balance. The muscles that you put stress on with paddling receive a gentle stretching and overall, the meditation and mindful breathing practice will relax your body and soul. Yoga can therefore be strengthening and energizing, as well as calming and relaxing – depending on the yoga style, the time of day, and the chosen Asanas.

Our 3 yoga instructors will accompany you – each in their own style – with enthusiasm and compassion. Yoga is suitable for any guest, no previous experience required.

We kick off our yoga season the first week of July: from the 1st to the 9th of July we will begin with a yoga-special-week. Here, our yoga teacher Marion will introduce herself and her relaxing way of teaching yoga. Marion’s motto is “No yin without yang.” Up next, Barbara will handle the rest of July, offering a daily yoga session in addition to fulfilling her housekeeping duties. Then in August, we look forward to welcoming our returning yoga instructor from Hamburg – Antje! Antje’s lessons are fun and for everyone. If anyone is interested she will also offer Family-Yoga sessions.