Yoga am Strand

In my yoga class, you will learn: to explore your body, to feel what you and your body need at any moment, and to accept your body for what it is, namely entirely unique.

Why I love yoga: Practicing yoga makes us more conscious and compassionate. It brings us more self-composure and we can learn through it to face situations in life and to accept that some things are beyond our control. We cannot control every situation but we can decide how we feel about it.

Why yoga and surfing are such a good match: Flowing from one movement into the next without thinking, just breathing. Taking a stroll through nature and appreciating its beauty, standing at the top of a mountain aware of your own smallness. Being one with yourself and the world – like riding a wave and becoming one with the ocean.

Important milestones of my training:

  • 400 h Children’s yoga instructor, Marsha Wenig, Chicago USA
  • 200 h Yoga teacher training, Lance Schuler Australia/Yogaraum Hamburg
  • Yoga instructor for expectant mothers, Yoga Vidya
  • Yin Yoga teacher training, Mirjam Wagner Spain/Yogaraum Hamburg
  • 300 h Yoga teacher training, Mark Stephens, Santa Cruz, Kalifornien USA
  • 100 h Immersions, Katchie Ananda, Sundari Yoga/Airyoga Schweiz
  • Yoga Alliance Master Teacher, Yoga instructor for Kids and Teens, Yogakinder Germany