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How did I find Maranga Surf & Travel?
A good 8 years ago a friend said to me, “Feel like surfing?” and I spontaneously said “Yes!” After all, I’d never done it before and it definitely felt like something I wanted to try. We then went straight to business and started researching surf-camps online. If you ask a surfer where you’ll find the best waves, they’ll probably say Bali, Hawaii of Australia. We, however, found the Villa Chilla Surfcamp on the French Atlantic coast in Seignosse. It’s not too far. Easy to access. It gets waves. A beach. Nice weather. And a surf-course. Let’ go! Who would’ve thought that a huge love of surfing would develop out of this? Just a few days after forging our plan we traded the Hamburg sleet for sun and flip-flop-weather. You know what? Barefoot’s even better.


Surfvilla Hündin Sophie. Foto: Alena Zielinski

I immediately felt comfortable in the lovingly furnished Surfvilla in the neighborhood Le Penon. Back then, I already had a boundless love of photography and snapped pictures of everything. I photographed surfers, who surfed as well as I wanted to one day, the beach and the ocean, the pine forest and all its wonderful details, and of course, the cutest dog in the whole entire world: Maranga’s own Sophie. Sophie, who was brought from Morocco and who loves posing for my pictures and accompanying me to beach, almost wanting to jump in the water herself. Or maybe she wants to keep me from jumping in – which it is, I’ve never really been able to tell.

Right now, I’m sitting here in France. On the most relaxing terrace that ever was, and that I’ve only ever seen the likes of right here. From here, you have a wonderful view of the surrounding pine forest and you can hear the waves crashing behind the dune. During the day, the guests – exhausted from their surf sessions – laze about here, reading, sleeping, reflecting on the day’s events. Tonight, we’ll all be eating together – top-chef Leandro will be serving us home-made lasagna and salad. The guests will be excited to still their hunger, they’ll philosophize about surfing, complain about their sore muscles, proudly point out their tan-lines, discuss the on-going surf contest, and cheers to the good life. This evening we’ll be heading to the beach to watch that red fireball descend once again behind the horizon. At a much later hour we’ll all be dropping off to bed – but, we’ll see each other again the next day, on our boards in the water.

Here’s to our friendship with Maranga, surfing and the ocean.


What else do I do? Photography & Travel-blog
I work as a freelance photographer (www.alena-zielinski.com) in Germany and abroad. I live in Hamburg, but my job keeps me moving almost all the time. I’ve been employed by publishing houses, hotels, PR-agencies, I memorialize events like weddings, and I work in a photo studio.

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