…or: What Luisa Thinks of Fall Break…                                                     

 Fall break is one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon mankind. Just when the going at work starts getting tough again, fall break swoops in and takes you once again to the land of vacation, where free time and fun flow like milk and honey. Afterwards, all you have to do is let yourself slide through Christmas time to round out the year. Done.

Unfortunately, sometimes it can happen that fall break just shows up at your doorstep and catches you unprepared, like a visitor who announced himself ages ago and who you had by now completely forgotten about. It stumbles in, leaving you with no plans to effectively savor this greatest of gifts ever given to humble mortals that is fall break. To prevent this tragedy from happening to you, we have an idea: come visit us at Maranga Surfvilla next fall and enjoy all the benefits of the off-season – great weather, empty line-ups, and beautiful late-summer landscapes!

Of course, there are many well-known reservations people have about surfing later in the year…Isn’t the ocean too wild already? Isn’t it too cold to be walking around in a soaked wetsuit? Aren’t the beaches windy and uncomfortable? Put your worries aside, the off-season has something for everybody.

The waves conditions can be a bit more variable, which is the perfect challenge for intermediate and advanced surfers, and can also be great news for beginners. Why? During the off-season, course sizes shrink so that you receive a lot more individual attention. Our surf instructors know these spots like the back of their hand and can teach you directly how to navigate the waves and the currents. In this way, you’re not only training the mechanics of surfing, but learning how move in the water on your own.

So now you see, surfing will be the least of your problems. Rather, your dilemma will probably be that you have too many fun things to do in too little time. You should definitely treat yourself to a walk through the pines, where the paths snake between dunes and forest glades. Dive into the end-season sales at the outlets. Eat French ice cream and baked specialties until you’re fit to burst. And then…look beyond Hossegor, and take a day-trip to one of the surrounding cities, now emptied of all those pesky tourists. How about Biarritz? Maybe San Sebastianis more your thing? No matter – they’re all great!

And then, after all that is over and done with, come back to the Surfvilla, snuggle up on a couch, tell us about your adventures, and sing out in praise of the off-season!

May it live forever!