Ever since I first stepped foot into the Maranga Surfvilla three years ago, I’ve come back every year since. And it’s not like I’ve been saying, “Oh yeah, I have some vacation days, time to book a trip.” I’ve been saying, “Oh yeah! I have vacation days! Time to book a Maranga trip!”


Now that’s a thing I rarely feel, the desire to repeat things. Usually my impulse is quite the opposite: to discover as many new places as possible, to experience the maximum amount of novelties. So why is it, that every year I deeply want to return to Maranga – a place that I know every square inch of. Literally. I do the cleaning here, so I swear, I know this place like the back of my hand. 😉

Well, of course, I like surfing, and I want to use every opportunity to get better at it – and Maranga’s a great place for that – but honestly, I’m not so intense about it that I feel the need to plan every vacation around it. And nobody who knows me would judge from my progress that I must be pursuing it hard-core.

No. I know why I come back here every year, and it’s for the very same reason that I recommend you should come as well: it’s because of the people that you meet.

Let’s take a little detour to talk about time with a capital T.  Time, you’ve heard of it. A lot of studies have been done on the human perception of time, when it’s felt to pass slowly or quickly – it’s a very fascinating subject. One common result is that time is felt to pass slower when one is confronted with a lot of new impressions. This says something about the intensity of life: lots of new experiences compressed into a short span of time result in a perceived lengthening of time. This, is what happens to me at Maranga. I often feel like the 2-4 weeks I spend at the Villa Chilla end up influencing me as much as 6 months of my routine life, and that’s because of the people.

In life, it seems to me, we are placed in fairly specific social constellations, without necessarily being aware of this. Consider these things. You rarely get to know people outside of your age group, and if you do, more often than not there are hierarchies at play that get in the way of a natural exchange: this person is your professional superior or a friend of your parents/grand-parents etc. You are also far more likely to meet people in the same field of work as you, forcibly, because why else would you even be in contact? Most people you meet will in your day-to-day life will be from the same region as you – now that’s just the pure rule of probability.

At our surf-camp, this order of the world doesn’t apply at all! The only common thing pulling people here is a shared love of surfing. Other than that, the possibilities and personalities are endless. During my time at Maranga I have met people that I would have surely never crossed paths with otherwise. You start the week with a group of quasi-strangers and end it having formed intimate relationships with all these new people. And these relationships can take any form you want: like old friends, like siblings, like student and teacher, like parent and child, like twins separated at birth.

It’s a truly rare thing, to be able to meet such a variety of people on such an even playing field. When I was in my early twenties it expanded my horizons in a real way. Every week I listened to the life stories of so many individuals. I discovered professions, which I previously didn’t even know existed. I learned of the most unconventional paths people took to reach their current successes. I joked around with folks twenty years my seniors, as if we were old school buddies, and I was encouraged by kids ten years my juniors. Every week I placed myself in the lives of others, and in doing so some of their life experience became my own. That is why every week at Maranga feels as intense as one whole month of normal life.

And that all translates into potential: Had I never heard of any of these things, I would have never thought, that they could also be possibilities for me.

For all these reasons and more I’m excited to surround myself with the faces of friends old and new, and in the name of the entire Maranga-Family I would like to say: We’re looking forward to you visit in this year of 2018 and thank you for all your previous visits at the Villa-Chilla!!!

Click the link to book your next stay at Maranga, in order to extend your (perceived) lifetime as well!