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Morocco is blessed

Morocco is blessed. World Surf League organized surf competition in Anza and Taghazout. And waves came as well, they didn’t want to disappoint the participants. In fact conditions were so good that winning champion Nat Young called it best QS event he ever surfed in.

WQS 5000 surf event in Taghazout!

World class Anchor Point waves. So world class that in 4 days from 25th of January to 1st of February there will be 2020 Pro Taghazout Bay organized by the World Surf League. Where pro surfers like Joan Duru, Igarashi Kanoa and Nat Young (and more) will return to the iconic land. More info at https://www.worldsurfleague.com/events/2020/mqs/3491/pro-taghazout-bay

Reporting from Taghazout, Morocco

Other day we made a trip to Imsouane. Village known for laidback and authentic charm. And it has one of the longest wave in Africa with the length of 800 meters. A wave which anyone can catch. If Taghazout is big brother of hustle and bustle, then Imsouane is like a little quite sister of […]


In Praise of the Off-Season…

…or: What Luisa Thinks of Fall Break…                                                       Fall break is one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon mankind. Just when the going at work starts getting tough again, […]


It’s the End of a Season…

…on the French Atlantic coast. It came first in hints, and, step by step, became evident all around. Elmar deconstructed his cozy beach terrace, there’s no more “tasty” drinks at “Booboozzz”,  “Le Surfing” and  “Heads”  closed out with a bang, and the beach is deserted – the waves either too big or not there at all. After […]

Yoga with Antje

In my yoga class, you will learn: to explore your body, to feel what you and your body need at any moment, and to accept your body for what it is, namely entirely unique. Why I love yoga: Practicing yoga makes us more conscious and compassionate. It brings us more self-composure and we can learn through it […]

Yoga in France

Yoga and Surfing We are so happy to be able to offer the perfect balance to surfing for most of the summer this year: we have tons of YOGA planned for you! Why is yoga the perfect complement to surfing? In several Asanas (yoga movements), for example “the upward-facing dog”, you train the same muscle […]

Dive into the new season with yoga instructor marion

Hello everybody, my name is Marion and I was born in 1967, by the beautiful Tegernsee in Bavaria. For my main job, I work in the customer service division of a big contact lens company, but on the side, I teach a weekly yoga-group and occasionally fill in as an instructor at a fitness studio. […]

What to do in Taghazout besides surfing?

  There’s a near endless list of things to do around Anchor Point and Devils Rock and we will present some of them to you! Today: A trip to the flea market in Agadir. We made the best of one of those rare flat-sea days, by combining the useful with the amusing and taking a trip to the […]