Yoga am Strand

In my yoga class, you will learn: to explore your body, to feel what you and your body need at any moment, and to accept your body for what it is, namely entirely unique.

Why I love yoga: Practicing yoga makes us more conscious and compassionate. It brings us more self-composure and we can learn through it to face situations in life and to accept that some things are beyond our control. We cannot control every situation but we can decide how we feel about it.

Why yoga and surfing are such a good match: Flowing from one movement into the next without thinking, just breathing. Taking a stroll through nature and appreciating its beauty, standing at the top of a mountain aware of your own smallness. Being one with yourself and the world – like riding a wave and becoming one with the ocean.

Important milestones of my training:

  • 400 h Children’s yoga instructor, Marsha Wenig, Chicago USA
  • 200 h Yoga teacher training, Lance Schuler Australia/Yogaraum Hamburg
  • Yoga instructor for expectant mothers, Yoga Vidya
  • Yin Yoga teacher training, Mirjam Wagner Spain/Yogaraum Hamburg
  • 300 h Yoga teacher training, Mark Stephens, Santa Cruz, Kalifornien USA
  • 100 h Immersions, Katchie Ananda, Sundari Yoga/Airyoga Schweiz
  • Yoga Alliance Master Teacher, Yoga instructor for Kids and Teens, Yogakinder Germany

Yoga and Surfing

We are so happy to be able to offer the perfect balance to surfing for most of the summer this year: we have tons of YOGA planned for you!

Why is yoga the perfect complement to surfing? In several Asanas (yoga movements), for example “the upward-facing dog”, you train the same muscle groups that are necessary on the surfboard to perform a powerful take-off. Exercises like the “warrior positions” are similar to the stance you take on the board and can help improve your balance. The muscles that you put stress on with paddling receive a gentle stretching and overall, the meditation and mindful breathing practice will relax your body and soul. Yoga can therefore be strengthening and energizing, as well as calming and relaxing – depending on the yoga style, the time of day, and the chosen Asanas.

Our 3 yoga instructors will accompany you – each in their own style – with enthusiasm and compassion. Yoga is suitable for any guest, no previous experience required.

We kick off our yoga season the first week of July: from the 1st to the 9th of July we will begin with a yoga-special-week. Here, our yoga teacher Marion will introduce herself and her relaxing way of teaching yoga. Marion’s motto is “No yin without yang.” Up next, Barbara will handle the rest of July, offering a daily yoga session in addition to fulfilling her housekeeping duties. Then in August, we look forward to welcoming our returning yoga instructor from Hamburg – Antje! Antje’s lessons are fun and for everyone. If anyone is interested she will also offer Family-Yoga sessions.

Hello everybody, my name is Marion and I was born in 1967, by the beautiful Tegernsee in Bavaria. For my main job, I work in the customer service division of a big contact lens company, but on the side, I teach a weekly yoga-group and occasionally fill in as an instructor at a fitness studio.


How I found yoga

I first came into contact with yoga in 2008 when I was looking for ways to find balance and relief in my environment that had become increasingly stressful. Back then, I was having more and more trouble focusing and I also felt that I was losing energy and drive. Through yoga I learned to be gentler with myself and found better ways of dealing with stress. Progress came quickly, which motivated me to further engage with the subject of yoga, relaxation, and meditation. This led me to take an educational leave from work where I obtained the qualification of stress relief course leader (BYV). When I then signed up for a 2-year yoga teacher training program at Yoga Vidya e.V. I had no real intention of becoming an instructor, I simply wished to deepen my own practice. However, when I gave lessons as part of my training, I discovered my love of teaching and the fulfilment that came with seeing the contented faces of my students at the end of a lesson. In 2016 I additionally attained the qualification of Yin Yoga instructor.


My lessons

I put fun at the forefront of my yoga teaching and aim to harmonize movement and breath. My motto is: “There is no yin without yang”. Following this maxim, my lessons can be challenging and filled with energy, healing and relaxing, or all of them at the same time. It’s important to me that participants have patience towards themselves and practice with positivity and happiness.