DSC06278 …is this year’s “Spot to Be”
This year the ASP circus set up camp between “Cul Nus“ and Estagnots. It is here, that contest director Alain Rious sees the most promising conditions for the approaching swells. As always, Quiksilver will remain mobile in order to be able to relocate quickly, just in case the currents change. If it turns out that Le Penon will have better conditions, we might be lucky enough to have the contest take place right on our doorstep again this year.

But no matter the exact location, the first heats have already been decided, the wildcards are nominated, and the Girls already had their 2nd layday today…Tomorrow is the official start of the QuikPro France 2014, and we are as excited as ever to be a part of this annual spectacle. We can’t wait to watch the world’s surfing elite duke it out on our hometown beaches, right in front of our very eyes.



Quiksilver Pro France 2013

From 27.09. to 07.10.2013 all the Greats will be back on our hometown beaches for the annual ASP World Championship Tour stop in Hossegor!

You can watch the world’s surfing elite go head to head in competition or gaze on in awe as Slater, Fanning, Taj & Co tackle the infamous wave La Gravière. And if you want to do more than sit by the side-lines, simply grab a board and go explore the wonderfully empty beaches and line-ups of the off-season for yourself.

Quiksilver Pro France, Surfvilla Seignosse, Surfcamp HossegorQuiksilver Pro France, Maranga, Surfvilla Seignosse, WellenreitenQuiksilver Pro France, Surfvilla Seignosse, Surfcamp, HossegorQuiksilver Pro France, Surfvilla Seignosse, Hossegor, Surfen Frankreich