Morocco is blessed. World Surf League organized surf competition in Anza and Taghazout. And waves came as well, they didn’t want to disappoint the participants. In fact conditions were so good that winning champion Nat Young called it best QS event he ever surfed in.

World class Anchor Point waves. So world class that in 4 days from 25th of January to 1st of February there will be 2020 Pro Taghazout Bay organized by the World Surf League. Where pro surfers like Joan Duru, Igarashi Kanoa and Nat Young (and more) will return to the iconic land. More info at

Other day we made a trip to Imsouane. Village known for laidback and authentic charm. And it has one of the longest wave in Africa with the length of 800 meters. A wave which anyone can catch. If Taghazout is big brother of hustle and bustle, then Imsouane is like a little quite sister of […]

…direct connection! We have some truly exciting news, sure to be extra interesting for Surf-enthusiasts from Berlin and maybe even Hamburg: EASYJET is offering flights in the months of August/September/October at the astonishingly low-budget rates that we have come to know from this company. They’re a great option for our Swiss friends as well! Starting […]

Ever since I first stepped foot into the Maranga Surfvilla three years ago, I’ve come back every year since. And it’s not like I’ve been saying, “Oh yeah, I have some vacation days, time to book a trip.” I’ve been saying, “Oh yeah! I have vacation days! Time to book a Maranga trip!”   Now […]

…or: What Luisa Thinks of Fall Break…                                                       Fall break is one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon mankind. Just when the going at work starts getting tough again, […]

…on the French Atlantic coast. It came first in hints, and, step by step, became evident all around. Elmar deconstructed his cozy beach terrace, there’s no more “tasty” drinks at “Booboozzz”,  “Le Surfing” and  “Heads”  closed out with a bang, and the beach is deserted – the waves either too big or not there at all. After […]

How did I find Maranga Surf & Travel? A good 8 years ago a friend said to me, “Feel like surfing?” and I spontaneously said “Yes!” After all, I’d never done it before and it definitely felt like something I wanted to try. We then went straight to business and started researching surf-camps online. If […]

Yoga am Strand

In my yoga class, you will learn: to explore your body, to feel what you and your body need at any moment, and to accept your body for what it is, namely entirely unique. Why I love yoga: Practicing yoga makes us more conscious and compassionate. It brings us more self-composure and we can learn through it […]

Yoga and Surfing We are so happy to be able to offer the perfect balance to surfing for most of the summer this year: we have tons of YOGA planned for you! Why is yoga the perfect complement to surfing? In several Asanas (yoga movements), for example “the upward-facing dog”, you train the same muscle […]

Hello everybody, my name is Marion and I was born in 1967, by the beautiful Tegernsee in Bavaria. For my main job, I work in the customer service division of a big contact lens company, but on the side, I teach a weekly yoga-group and occasionally fill in as an instructor at a fitness studio. […]

Gewürze Marokko

  There’s a near endless list of things to do around Anchor Point and Devils Rock and we will present some of them to you! Today: A trip to the flea market in Agadir. We made the best of one of those rare flat-sea days, by combining the useful with the amusing and taking a trip to the […]

A wonderful and long Surfvilla-summer is over…this realization hit us almost painfully as we said our good-byes to our last guest yesterday: CHRIS. You were here with us for a total of almost 3 months. You were our first guest in May, and you felt so comfortable that you spontaneously decided to extend your stay […]

…the excitement is slowly beginning to set in 🙂 There’s barely a week left until the surf pros start pouring in to our home-spots in Hossegor and Seignosse. On October 4th, the 9th stop of the WSL Tour 2016 in Hossegor will officially kick off. The more-than-suspenseful contest in Trestles, California mixed up the rankings […]

Dear Villa-Chilla Friends, Winter has barely begun, but already we have some good news for the summer of this new year 2016: the French airline ASL has added three direct connections from Germany to France to its program. Starting this May, there will be a flight from Hamburg Fühlsbüttel to BORDEAUX twice a week, always […]

There are still inexpensive flights available for December and January with Easyjet and Ryanair. Easyjet flies from Berlin Schönefeld to Agadir (60,-) and to Marrakesh. You can also fly to Marrakesh quite cheaply from Genf and Bâle. With Ryanair, you can fly from Düsseldorf Weeze to Marrakesh. Condor is also offering flights again this winter […]

This year our favorite event is taking place a bit later than usual. Nevertheless, it’s still a great reason to come down and visit the Atlantic! Fenning, Medina, Slater, Smith, and many more will be here again. The Villa is still open and we will be going to the beach every day to see the […]

4th and 5th days of surfing: Woken by the call of the muezzin who recites the Muslim creed every morning, the next day began with a bombastic breakfast prepared by Artti. Next, we piled back into our taxis and headed to Tamri. The waves were a bit bigger today, so once again we spent the […]

3rd day of surfing: The morning of the 28th I went to have breakfast with Theresa on the sunny terrace of Café Florida, which is located just across the street from the Surfhouse. For 25 DH (about 2,50€) you get a freshly-pressed orange juice, coffee, baguette with jam and honey, and an omelet. For this […]

2nd day of surfing: Right after getting up the next morning we headed to Banana Village. The village gets its name from its huge Banana plantations, where the fruits that you buy in your supermarket grow. They taste better freshly picked in Morocco, of course. Our destination was the surfspot “La Douze”, the name of […]

Last time we left off with our arrival in Marrakesh: After landing I first had to get used to the sun that was shining on my face. It was nice and warm and high time to ditch the winter jacket, which I packed away, hoping to not have to see it again until I was […]

Hello, I’d like to briefly introduce myself! My name’s Philipp and I’m from Upper Austria, a place called Weyregg am Attersee to be precise. I’m 19 years old and a high school student, I will be getting my Matura this year (that’s the name of the Austrian high school diploma). The reason I’m writing this, […]

…is this year’s “Spot to Be” This year the ASP circus set up camp between “Cul Nus“ and Estagnots. It is here, that contest director Alain Rious sees the most promising conditions for the approaching swells. As always, Quiksilver will remain mobile in order to be able to relocate quickly, just in case the currents […]

Just as we were beginning to catch our breath after the exciting Lower Trestles finale between Jordy Smith and John John Florence, the preparations for the QUIKPRO in Hossegor were already in full swing. The incredible images of gigantic barrels from the ASP stop in Tahiti are still fresh on our minds and we’re still […]

This one goes out to our guests from the South. VOLOTEA Airlines is now offering flights from Munich to Bordeaux and from Strasburg (Alsace) to Biarritz. Check it out here:

Every year over Pentecost break, the German University Sports Federation (ADH) holds its championships in Seignosse. It’s become an event we all look forward to and this year it will take place this from 7.6 to 14.6. If you’re thinking of watching or participating, hit us up! We’ve still got room!  

From the 23rd to the 27th of July THE party is on again! Throw on a white t-shirt and a red necktie and come along to this beautiful festival, right in the middle of Bayonne, full of good music and lots of sangria!

Keep the party going in August! From 10.08. to 17.08.2013 the big week – Semana Grande – Aste Nagusia – will be taking place in San Sebastian. There will be traditional parades, concerts, and loads of FIREWORKS! Every night a different nation will prepare a firework show, the likes of which you won’t even see […]

From 27.09. to 07.10.2013 all the Greats will be back on our hometown beaches for the annual ASP World Championship Tour stop in Hossegor! You can watch the world’s surfing elite go head to head in competition or gaze on in awe as Slater, Fanning, Taj & Co tackle the infamous wave La Gravière. And […]

Who of us Surfer girls hasn’t experienced it: It’s July, outside temperature 32 degrees, water temperature 25, waves just like Bali – hey, maybe you’re in Bali. “Yes! Finally, I can surf in my bikini! …No wait, never mind.” Every time I tried that, I might as well have gone out without wearing anything. No […]

Dum-um-didle-idle-um! April is here and this means spring for most of us(or almost summer). Waking up from the winter. Getting ready for the swimming, sunshine and for the beach. Searching the sunglasses out. Doing a spring cleaning in our Maranga Villa Chilla in Seignosse. Yeah. Villa Chilla is transformed through spring cleaning from a sleeping […]