Surfing in Morocco is simply amazing

If you want to learn how to surf it’s best to do so under the attentive eye and guidance of our experienced surf instructors.

The beginner’s course takes place 3 days a week for 2 hours per day; the intermediate program is distributed over 3 days for a total of 6 lessons. For those of you who don’t yet own a board or worry about the plane transport, we can provide BIC and NSP boards in almost all sizes as rentals. The wetsuit can either be brought along or rented at the Villa as well.


  • Beginner (10 Hours)

    10h*/3 days incl. Board & Wetsuit for 1 week150,00 €

  • Intermediate (6 Hours)

    (Already attended a beginner’s course, secure take-off in white water)
    3 days incl. Board & Wetsuit for 1 week150,00 €

  • Surfboard rental

    per week60,00 €

  • Wetsuit rental

    per week20,00 €

Our Courses


The beginner course is bookable for 3 or 4 days.
This course is for those, who have never had contact to a surf board. But also if your first and only course is some time ago and you didn‘t manage to surf in the meantime.
Previous knowledge is not required.
In case you want to prepare for the surf trip, the best would be swimming. Also balance exercises like slack lining can help. The intention of the course is to show you how fun it is to slide through the waves. The high point of the course should be the take off (standing up) on the board and slide the first waves standing. However, this is not a requirement, everyone has his own tempo and athletic background and therewith his own personal aims. No matter ride the wave lying, on your knees or standing, fun should be your drive.
This course teaches you solid basics in surfing. It starts with detailed material science and briefing in handling board, leash and wetsuit. Important subjects, like right-of-way-rules in the water, formation of waves and currents will be explained collaterally to the course. Questions are important and always welcome.
Worm-up plus ,dry practices‘ on land are naturally part of the course.
Attendance: max. 8 persons
Minimum age: from 8 years participation in our course is possible, with the company of a parent, in case that sportiness, the ability to swim and condition is given.
Surfboards: to minimize the risk of injuries, we use only so called soft boards for the course, where the material of surface and fins is soft.
Wetsuits: there are shorties as well as long suits available from Roxy, Quiksilver, Billabong and Xcel
Price 3 days: 150€ incl. board and wetsuit (rental for one week)


To attend the intermediate course, you should already have once participated in a beginner’s course and ideally have had the chance to practice and internalize what you learned. You should be able to get up in the white water fairly easily and regularly, as the next step at that point is to learn the take-off on green waves and to ride sloping waves. When the conditions are right and the level of all course attendants is more or less equal, we leave the white water behind and join the line-up, in order to learn the best ways to paddle in green waves.

On average, this course has less participants than the beginner’s course, usually ranging from 3 – 6 surfers. With fewer participants, the teacher can respond to your individual needs more freely.

Attendance: max. 8 persons
Minimum age: participation in our course is possible from 8 years of age, if the participant is accompanied by a parent and their ability to swim, as well as a general sense of athleticism and coordination, is evident.
Surfboards: to minimize the risk of injuries, we exclusively use soft boards for the course, where the surface material and the fins are soft.
Wetsuits: there are shorties as well as long suits available from Roxy, Quiksilver, Billabong and Xcel

Price 3 days: 150 € incl. board and wetsuit (rental for one week)

Spots reachable on foot

Forget the hassle of waiting and having to pack a car! The following spots are easily reached on foot from our Surfhouse – wetsuit on, board under arm:

Panorama Beach

Panorama Beach: our preferred beginner’s surf-area. The long and flat sand-beach makes for safe surfing by mid- to high tide in the long-running white water. Reachable in about 10 minutes.

Panorama Reef

Panorama Reef: located between Hash Point and Panorama Beach at Taghazout’s Southern border. If you can regularly take off in green waves, then you can surf long, beautifully breaking right-handers here. Combined reef and beach-break, reachable in 5 minutes.

Hash Point

Hash Point: a sand-beach, practically in the middle of the village, with right and left-breaking waves, this spot is protected when the waves are big. From here, experienced surfers can paddle out to Panorama-riff, even when the waves are bigger, and from there catch the beautiful Panorama-waves. Hash point is a 5-minute walk away and its waves can be checked from our roof terrace.

Surf Bèrbère

Surf Bèrbère: A small and extremely fun wave, located to the right of Hash Point. Reachable within 10 minutes.

Spots in the surrounding area

If ever Taghazout does fall flat, you can participate in our car-sharing system anytime and explore the world-class waves right on our doorstep:


Mysteries: Long beach/reef-break, parted in two, right behind Anchor Point. The right-hander is suitable for somewhat intermediate surfers; a pretty forgiving beach-break with long waves.

Anchor Point

Anchor Point: This spot is largely responsible for Taghazout’s rise to surfing fame. Originally a small fishing village of the mountain-dwelling Berber population, in the 70’s and 80’s Anchor Point was discovered by roaming Surf-hippies and is now one of the most famous right-handers in the world. Experts only! You need a lot of experience, skill, and timing to be able to handle the entry-jump from the sharp cliffs and make it past the breakers to the take-off spots. Once there, however, you will be rewarded with outstanding, long-running right-handers.

Anchor Point isn’t just a once-in-a-lifetime experience for surfers. When the waves really get going here just watching becomes pure adrenaline. As a spectator, you feel as if you’re in the middle of the happening, rather than on the sidelines. From the boulder-chains that reach far into the surf you can snap spectacular shots of surfers who seem close enough to touch.

La Source

La Source: A-Frame Reef-break. Here you can find hollow left-handers that break for almost 70 meters. Sometimes you’ll find equally long, moderately breaking right-handers. A reliable and consistently running spot.

Killer Point

Killer Point: Named after the Orcas (Killer whales) that occasionally pass by in the summers. The entry over a wide sandy beach is very comfortable, but then you need stamina to pass the almost 300m-long paddling route to get to one of the 4 take-off spots. At low-tide you can circumvent all the paddling and walk out on foot, over the boulders that lie on the sand-floor. The surrounding landscape is an untouched spectacle of nature. Experts only!

Attention: Low-tide Spot


Tamri: if you head about 30 km North, following the dreamy coastal road, you will reach Tamri Beach. There, you will find a 1 km long sandy beach where you will almost always find surfable waves, even on days when it’s flat in Taghazout.

All along the littoral road you can find a number of beaches and surf-spots with fantastical names such as Boilers, Dracula’s, Desert Point, Camel Beach, Paradise Surf, and many more.


Immessouane: This one makes a good day-trip. Located 70 km North of Taghazout, this little village has 2 surf-spots. The sand-beach “la Cathédrale” with right- and left-handers is known to have consistent beach-break. In the harbor wave, depending on the swell, you can score rides of almost 100 to 150m length. Great for long-boarding.

All along the littoral road you can find a number of beaches and surf-spots with fantastical names such as Boilers, Dracula’s, Desert Point, Camel Beach, Paradise Surf, and many more.

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