Fitness specific for surfers

Surfing requires a certain degree of physical fitness – in order to move through the water and navigate the waves some stamina and strength are necessary. That’s not to say that you have to be able to run a marathon or do ten pull-ups in order to have fun in the water. Simply, you will have fun for longer if you already possess a greater reserve of paddling power and energy. Think of it like a battery: the longer your battery life, the longer you can stay in the water, and the more waves you’ll get! Well-trained muscles and a flexible body are also a great injury-prophylactic. For all these reasons, we offer the possibility of doing surf-specific fitness training at the Villa. There is a wide array of equipment available (exercise ball, balance-board, blackroll, practice boards for take-off training, slackline etc.), which you can use at your leisure. Dry-training is also perfect for days when the conditions in the water aren’t great, but you still feel the urge to move and stay in shape.

Getting Ready for your Surf-Trip

May times we’ve been asked: how can I prepare myself for my surf-trip, physically, if I’ve never done anything like it before?

In the very best case you could start training several weeks or months in advance – a few simple exercises, regularly performed, can do wonders. For these you don’t need any materials other than perhaps an exercise or yoga mat.

Our certified fitness trainer Barbara will be here for you to give you detailed instructions on how to safely and effectively execute your exercises and use the tools we have on hand. She also compiled this little training plan for you, so that you can begin your vacation in prime surfing condition.

Follow this link to find your training plan! PDF

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