Maranga surf villa in Morocco

Although the bustling street life of Taghazout is only a few steps away, our surfvilla remains refreshingly calm and peaceful. Our roof terrace equally offers sun-filled or shaded seating areas where you can relax after surfing. From here your view extends far across the ocean, from the spot “Panoramas” almost until “Anchorpoint”. Wave-check included. Another great advantage is that many spots can be easily reached on foot in a wetsuit, your board under your arm!

In the house, our trusty Moroccan/Austrian/Estonian team attentively cares for our guests. You will reap the benefits of our long years of experience of living in beautiful Morocco and our good relationship with the locals. Our camp is small, authentic, and personal – and here as well, we always stay true to our motto: “Everybody come together”. Whether you’re a family, a student, traveling alone or with a group – everybody is invited!


The rooms in our comfortable Surfhouse all have outward-facing windows, so that they are beautifully luminescent and bright when the daylight shines in. They are practically equipped in typical Moroccan style and all have direct access to the terrace. Large panorama-windows insure that the living room also gets its fair share of sunlight and warmth. The bathrooms have warm-water showers and toilets of both standards. Beautiful tiles, lots of brightness, and vibrant colors work together to give our house its very own charm and character.

The following rooms are bookable:

  • Single bedroom (only on request)
  • Twin bedroom (2 person, extra charge)
  • Triple bedroom (3 person, extra charge)
  • Shared bedroom (4/5 person)

Who we speak to

Whoever chooses to come to our Surfhouse in Morocco will have the opportunity to experience a truly unique vacation. Good things come in small packages – and that is what we hope to offer you: a familiar and personal atmosphere, individual attention, long years of experience, and an authentic look into Moroccan culture.

Our team will attentively care for you and is always on-hand with tips for the local surf spots and ideas for trips and activities, such as visits to the markets or the hammam. Anybody wishing to live and share this experience is heartily invited and WELCOME ANYTIME!

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