Yoga, Fitness and Other Activities in our Villa

Next to Surfing we have many other sports and activities on offer:


Breathe in…breathe out…your breath flows like the waves surrounding you. You are completely calm, your mind is clear, and your concentration is completely focused on that next wave already rising behind you. This is what makes a good surfer – and this is what yoga teaches you: controlling your breathing, keeping a level head, and directing your concentration towards specific things. It’s not without reason that Yoga and Surfing have become so commonly associated. Not only does it train your mental fitness; regular yoga practice also strengthens your body, which in turn prevents injury and provides the flexibility necessary for a smooth take-off. Some yoga poses, referred to as asanas, work perfectly as warm-up exercises before surfing. Others have a relaxing effect and loosen up your tired muscles after a rigorous session in the waves. The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara), a dynamic cycle of specific asanas, in which movement and breath become synchronized, follows a motion almost identical to the take-off on a surfboard, making it the ideal exercise for surfers. Finally, through regular yoga practice you can treat, even prevent, chronic surfer ailments like lower back pain and neck tension.

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Surf-Specific Fitness

Next to regular yoga-lessons we would like to offer our guests surf-oriented fitness training. In order to help you prepare for your surf-trip beforehand we’ve compiled a brief training plan, which you can download here. These specifically chosen exercises are sure to make your first days in the water and on the board easier.

Once here, this routine can be built upon by adding exercise tools, all readily available at your leisure. Learn more about our surf-specific training offers.

Other Sports and Activities

Naturally, you can spend your free time however you want, and with our wide array of possible activities, we doubt you’ll ever have a dull moment. Try the slackline in our garden, play a round of cross-boule around the house, chill on the beach, or take a longboard to the skate park in Le Penon. The shaded pine forest beckons for long walks, jogging or biking trips. Best of all, you can find all materials readily available in our villa: bicycles, longboards, various ball games (beachball, badminton, beach volleyball etc.) and much, much more.

Excursion destinations in France

Apart from surfing, the Southwest of France has plenty to offer in terms of leisure time fun. Between Sangria parties in San Sebastian, over simple relaxing on the scenic beaches of Biarritz, to a night out in Hossegor, where pro surfers gather in bars, there is a trip to suit everyone’s style and interests. There are also cultural events such as the famous Fête de Bayonne or the Quiksilver Pro France. This is clearly the place to be!


In Seignosse you‘ll find a huge aqua park with pools and water slides. If you’ve had enough water for one day but still have energy to spare, you could go to the skate park or hit up the volleyball nets at the beach (high season only), which you can use for free. For all the latest surf-fashion you can visit the factory outlets in Hossegor. All famous Surf and Skate brands have a store there – a veritable shopping heaven!

Every Sunday morning Seignosse holds a little farmer’s market where regional producers present their wares. You will find everything from foods, like local cheeses, hams, bread and olives, to arts and crafts, even jewelry and fashion.

San Sebastian (Spain)

The city, once knowns as the playground of Spain’s royal family, is nowadays affectionately called Spain’s Rio. Walking up the “Urgull Mountain” offers you an amazing panoramic view of the city, the beaches and the harbor. Those looking for knowledge can quench their thirst at the Museum of Natural Science, which lets you delve into the underwater world. In the evening, you can let yourself get lost in the beautiful small alleys of the city center as you enjoy the typical mode of dinner, Tapas y Raciones. Stop at a restaurant, eat 2 or 3 tapas, grab yourself a Sangria or Calimucho, and move on the next restaurant until you’re too full to move! This is the way to experience San Sebastian!


La Centrale is the party center of Hossegor. It offers a wide range of entertainment: go to a bar and party with live music, or sit down and watch surf movies together with other surfers. Rock Food is one of the most famous bars at the beach of La Nord, it has gained cult status within the surf scene! At this spot, it is more likely than not that you will stumble upon the release party of a new surf movie and happen upon one or the other surf pro. The bar has been rebuilt and now possesses real lounge character. The promenade along the beach at La Nord still has more to offer than only one bar: wine bars, clubs and a lot of fast food places are open and during the surf contest you will have the chance to experience one of Hossegor’s many open-air parties.


Once Napoleon’s favorite bathing spot, today Biarritz is known as the place where French chic and chilled surf culture meet to create an entirely unique experience. With its 50-year-old surfing history Biarritz has a reputation as the birthplace of surfing in France. Climb the light house and take in the beautiful view of the city and the beach that is beautifully surrounded by amazing cliffs. Biarritz was historically a famous spa destinations for Europe`s elite, which is why it is not at all surprising to find little castles and Middle-Age buildings dotted throughout this city.


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Dem Reisenden steht im Fall der Insolvenz von Cornelia Rothe, Maranga Surf & Travel, gegenüber dem unten angegebenen Kundengeldabsicherer unter den gesetzlichen Voraussetzungen ein unmittelbarer Anspruch im Sinne des § 651r Absatz 4 des Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuchs zu. R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG

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