Yoga and The Ocean

Ahimsa (non-violence) is one of the most important principles on the eight-limbed path of yoga and concerns us surfers as well. Why? The ocean is a place of calm and peace and it should stay that way. In the high-season line-ups can get pretty full, which leads to conflict and competition every once in a while. We should all try to treat each other with friendliness and respect, regardless of our origins and regardless of our surfing skills. We have more in common than what separates us, so let’s celebrate the moments spent together in the ocean and share the exhilaration that comes from nailing that ride. Ahimsa also applies to our relationship with our own bodies: accepting our limits, avoiding over-ambitiousness by finding joy in continuous small progress, and realizing when the forces of nature at work in the water are greater than our own, in order to avoid injury. Finally, Ahimsa plays a role in our treatment of nature. We surfers love the ocean and, as a consequence, are very connected to and keenly aware of changes in it. That is why we should strive to preserve these areas by keeping the water and beaches free of plastics and trash, starting with ourselves by minimizing our own waste production.

Yoga in the Surfvilla

Here at the Villa, yoga has edged its way into our routines and become a regular part of our surf life. We practice Vinyasa Flow Yoga, a dynamic style that contains both powerful and relaxing asanas – adapted to fit the specific needs of surfers. Our lessons are taught by professional Yoga-Alliance-certified instructors and are open to all ages and levels. No prior experience required! Every participant is encouraged to pursue their own progress goals by doing the pose modifications suited to their individual physical condition. The courses take place outside on our quiet terrace, shaded by pine trees. The times vary, as we coordinate our yoga sessions with our surf lessons, which depend on the tides. As such, it can happen that a sunset-viewing-party at the beach might suddenly turn into a spontaneous Acro Yoga Jam. Stranger things have happened. We have yoga-mats and blankets on hand at the Villa, though you can feel free to bring your own materials if you prefer.

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