Maranga Surf & Travel was founded in 2002 and, in many ways, represents a culmination of the life experiences of Connie and Lando, its founders. Both of them passionate Windsurfers, they have always felt drawn to the water (and adventure sports), operating various Camps on the French Atlantic Coast before opening up their own business. Finally, in 2002, after many years searching, the two found the perfect house in the perfect location: the Surfvilla Seignosse. Quickly, the passion project found its name as well: MARANGA – this term derives from Hawaiian culture and means “to come together”. And that has been our motto to this day, because at the Villa-Chilla everyone is welcome!

Only a short while later Connie and Lando also managed to found a little surf-camp in Morocco’s number one surfing-town, Taghazout. Maranga has been welcoming guests here since the Surfhouse’s very first winter, and it is now bookable all throughout the year. Omar has been our associate and companion since day 1.

Maranga says Thanks!

Every year we are supported by many helpful hands, who come for temporary periods of time to help around the house, the garden or on the beach. Thank you all – you are the ones who create the Maranga experience: a relaxing camp in family-like atmosphere! Right now, we are also very proud to be associated with a sustainability project, as part of a Bachelor Thesis that is to be completed within the year. One step at a time we aim to accomplish this sustainable vision over the next few years.

Our hopes and dreams for the near future are, as they have always been, to satisfy our guests’ demands, both in the Surfvilla Seignosse and in the Surfhouse Morocco. We want to offer a unique holiday experience, a break from the troubles of daily life and a relaxing atmosphere, all while experiencing the wondrous surfing lifestyle.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you!

Connie & Lando