Maranga surf villa in France

The Maranga Surfvilla Seignosse is a cozy house, built in the traditional Landaise-style, with six rooms, capable of accommodating 15 guests. As such, the atmosphere here is very personal and familiar. No matter if you’re traveling alone, with friends or with family – everyone is welcome and you’ll be sure to hit it off with other guests, maybe while planning a Sunday morning early-bird session (while checking the beach-webcam). Free parking is available right by our doorstep, and for those who just can’t leave their work at home, there is always a quiet Wi-Fi-corner to settle into with your laptop…Work’n Surf!

Between the choice of comfy couches our living room, terrace, and garden have to offer, you will find the perfect place to rest after surfing, relax with a good book, or maybe just take a nap.

And so that your vacation is a culinary success as well, our kitchen team will start your every day with a generous breakfast and usher it out with a delicious, warm dinner.



Our friendly and functionally outfitted rooms are available in the following variations:

  • Single bedroom (available only on request)
  • Twin bedroom (2 person, extra charge)
  • Triple bedroom (3 person, extra charge)
  • Shared room (4/5 person)

We are equipped with two bathrooms containing a total of three showers, as well as two separate toilets. Additionally, there is a garden shower where you can free yourself and your wetsuit from sand residues.

In the garden, you can practice on the Slackline or the Indoboard, start a Darts tournament, or simply find a sunny place to spread a lounger and rest.

If you’re headed to the beach take along some of our many ball games and parasols. In the house you can find books, games, and a guitar.

Who we speak to

The Surfvilla is a place of rest and relaxation. What connects us all is our love of nature, a thing that we all share, regardless of age, profession, or life situation. It is because of this common ground that families can feel as comfortable here as singles, solitary travelers, groups, sports-fanatics, nature-lovers. Everyone, from students to businesspeople to workaholics…

Learning a new sport together, winding down on a yoga-mat, enjoying convivial meals and gaming rounds, and admiring breathtaking sunrises and sunsets: it is from this, that the familiar atmosphere in our surfvilla is born.

Maranga isn’t just our name, it’s also our motto: “everybody come together” is the meaning of this Hawaiian phrase and that is how we live it. Welcome to the Maranga-Surfvilla!

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