JordySmith (320x213)QuikPRO_Blog2Just as we were beginning to catch our breath after the exciting Lower Trestles finale between Jordy Smith and John John Florence, the preparations for the QUIKPRO in Hossegor were already in full swing.
The incredible images of gigantic barrels from the ASP stop in Tahiti are still fresh on our minds and we’re still reeling from the many late nights we spent, watching with jaws dropped and goosebumps, as Kelly and Co. racked up scores in the 9s one after another.
The last event in California just came to a close, but in a few days’ time the ROXY and QUIKSILVER PRO will already be kicking off here in Hossegor.
In the meantime we’re going to get in the spirit of things by re-watching our favorite moments from 2012 and 2013 and praying that the waves and weather align to deliver us that usual dynamite atmosphere on the beach. We’re pretty sure we’re going to start seeing some pros in the line-up very soon, and starting Thursday we’ll hopefully be saying: IT’S ON!!!!!!!! And VIllA-CHILLA will be there, live…

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The German language is known for its ability to create compound words that encapsulate a very specific meaning. Take for example the word wellenverliebt. It combines the noun “wave” – Welle – with the adjective verliebt, to be in love, thus creating the meaning “to be in love with waves”, or to put it more simply: a wave-lover!

Wave-lover is a descriptor that probably applies to all our guests – seeing that they choose to spend their vacations chilling and surfing with us as the Maranga Surfvilla – but it applies especially to Manuel and Kristin from Munich, who arrived today to stay with us for a 3rd time.
These two like a board under their feet at all times: for the most part Manuel and Kristin are“schneeverliebt” or “snow-lovers”. Both are passionate snow-boarders that would usually spend every free minute up in the mountains, but ever since their first surf vacation they’ve also become wellenverliebt – at least in the summer.

Born from this new love is their label “wellenverliebt” which boasts a choice collection of tops, t-shirts, and hoodies for men and women. Each design is lovingly screen-printed by hand onto the garments, which were also chosen with care in regards to sustainability. The t-shirts are mostly made out of organic cotton and sourced exclusively from companies that adhere to Fairtrade standards.
This year again we have received a sample from the latest collection. Thank you, Kristin and Manuel! We hope you have a glorious winter season, full of sun and fresh powder snow, and maybe we’ll see you again in the line-up next summer, as in love with waves as ever!

New ways to travel to the Surfvilla

This one goes out to our guests from the South. VOLOTEA Airlines is now offering flights from Munich to Bordeaux and from Strasburg (Alsace) to Biarritz. Check it out here:


German University (ADH) Surf Championship 2014

Every year over Pentecost break, the German University Sports Federation (ADH) holds its championships in Seignosse. It’s become an event we all look forward to and this year it will take place this from 7.6 to 14.6. If you’re thinking of watching or participating, hit us up! We’ve still got room!

ADH Open in der Surfvilla


Fêtes de Bayonne 2014

From the 23rd to the 27th of July THE party is on again!
Throw on a white t-shirt and a red necktie and come along to this beautiful festival, right in the middle of Bayonne, full of good music and lots of sangria!

Maranga Surfer

Semana Grande 2013 in San Sebastián

Keep the party going in August! From 10.08. to 17.08.2013 the big week – Semana Grande – Aste Nagusia – will be taking place in San Sebastian.
There will be traditional parades, concerts, and loads of FIREWORKS! Every night a different nation will prepare a firework show, the likes of which you won’t even see on New Year’s. Sometimes pyrotechnists long for a world stage as well.

Quiksilver Pro France 2013

From 27.09. to 07.10.2013 all the Greats will be back on our hometown beaches for the annual ASP World Championship Tour stop in Hossegor!

You can watch the world’s surfing elite go head to head in competition or gaze on in awe as Slater, Fanning, Taj & Co tackle the infamous wave La Gravière. And if you want to do more than sit by the side-lines, simply grab a board and go explore the wonderfully empty beaches and line-ups of the off-season for yourself.

Quiksilver Pro France, Surfvilla Seignosse, Surfcamp HossegorQuiksilver Pro France, Maranga, Surfvilla Seignosse, WellenreitenQuiksilver Pro France, Surfvilla Seignosse, Surfcamp, HossegorQuiksilver Pro France, Surfvilla Seignosse, Hossegor, Surfen Frankreich

It does exist, the bikini that won´t slip!

Who of us Surfer girls hasn’t experienced it: It’s July, outside temperature 32 degrees, water temperature 25, waves just like Bali – hey, maybe you’re in Bali.
“Yes! Finally, I can surf in my bikini! …No wait, never mind.”
Every time I tried that, I might as well have gone out without wearing anything. No wave, whether I paddled in it, dove through it, or was washed out by it, allowed me the courtesy of resurfacing with all my crucial parts covered.

“This nightmare too, shall have an end!”, the Australian company Hive Swimwear said to itself one day, and went on to create a slip-resistant bikini that sticks. Their swimwear collection is designed for any and all water-sports and looks great to boot. And Ladies listen up! This year you might find some of that collection in our very own Villa-Chilla in Seignosse!

That’s right, you can buy it right here. If the size or model you’re looking for isn’t available, we can order it for you.
I’m saying good-bye to feeling-underwater-if-everything-is-still-in-place and you can too!

Your Sarah

Villa Chilla is ready


April is here and this means spring for most of us(or almost summer). Waking up from the winter. Getting ready for the swimming, sunshine and for the beach. Searching the sunglasses out. Doing a spring cleaning in our Maranga Villa Chilla in Seignosse. Yeah.

Villa Chilla is transformed through spring cleaning from a sleeping beauty into a surfhouse with paradise feeling. We have sent spiders on a long holiday, ground is cleaned from the leaves. Decorations have been brought out. Rooms have been broomed and dustbunnies have been sent home. Surfboards have got their fixes and fins. And more other countless things. But this all list of things means, guess what? Means it’s time for surfing and learn how to surf. Hurrey. You can say hurrey too! Wink-wink!




Villa Chilla is ready. =)

P.S. Hmm… sorry guys, I, Artti, who posted this, don’t know so much German yet to write all this in German, so I’ll write in English. So I hope you all are cool with that.

P.P.S Should add more pictures!

P.P.S 2 We lost a carrot in the house, no-one has seen him. Speaks Carrotish and wears usually last time orange outfit. =)